Here we will discuss one of the biggest question in the piano world that which is better piano Yamaha or Kawai Digital piano. Here we will perfectly review both of the piano One common thing between these two piano both piano manufacturer from the japan. Both are the largest piano manufacturer in the world with the position of number one and two. Two things we can say about these companies one is longevity and sheer output make them bigger brand as compare to the other companies. For more click here 

When you compare the Yamaha to Kawai then it depends upon the level of your taste. Many people feels that yamaha has the clear voice. Most of the pop and rock artist loves the Yamaha piano as it have beautiful actions. 

Where as Some people believes that Kawai have the warmer tone as compare to the Yamaha digital piano. In general Yamaha realize the tremendous amount is up to voicing of the piano that is the shape  and hardness of the hammer, so brightness is the subjective term. But there is an overall difference just like looking at these. There are many personal preference of the piano player according to their need.

Both Yamaha and Kawai make different range of the digital piano from cheap pianos to expensive ones.