Here we will highlight the main facts of the Kawai CN25 Digital Piano. CN25 digital piano for the entry level piano players. WHen we talk about the tone and touch, it is very perfect. It is basically 88 digital piano with the graded hammer action. RH3 has an ivory touch key surface. In addition to the graded hammer action RH3 also features the counter weight within each keys.

RH3 also has the triple sensor key detection. All this make the Kawai CN25 piano a finest piano.

When you power up CN25 it assumes you must want to play piano and you get this gorgeous nine foot grand piano. Harmonic technology makes it more perfect.

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Kawai with this new technology Kawai is  one of the best piano in term of advance features with 88 keys. This piano seems wonderful but sometimes we need to go beyond grand piano and experiment with other sounds. Remember one thing that CN25 has the 17 sounds for sampling. It has the voice assist feature to choose the sound.

Most of the teachers recommend the metronome to help you with your timing, but you do not need the metronome digital piano. You can adjust the time signature and tempo and many more things which are in metronome enabled digital piano.

The best way to test a piano just record something and play it then you will see the true value in the digital piano and it is better for the self evaluation too.

If you are looking for the piano library for the piano lesson then alfred piano library is the best. Alfred is the largest publisher of piano teaching methods. For more advances study you can refer to the Czerny.

If you like to play in privacy there are two headphones jack on the CN 25 digital piano. Here is in CN25 piano have 192 polyphony. It has the USB connection and midi connections. It has the octave and sustain pedal digital piano. This is incredible useful for the both parent and child.