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Yamaha Pianos Vs. Kawai Pianos – Which is Better?

Here we will discuss one of the biggest question in the piano world that which is better piano Yamaha or Kawai Digital piano. Here we will perfectly review both of the piano One common thing between these two piano both piano manufacturer from the japan. Both are the largest piano manufacturer in the world with […]

How to choose digital piano for beginners

If you are thinking about the piano playing and want to purchase a new piano. Here we will review the piano for the beginners. Here you need a ┬ápiano you can afford so here we will discuss about the affordable pianos. Digital Piano from the $300 to $50,000 are available. Here we will discuss some […]

Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano

We are going to ┬átalk about the Yamaha p45 digital piano this is the replacement of the yamaha p35 digital piano. This is the one of the most affordable digital piano. If you listen recording is very nice of this digital piano. It has the graded hammer action and 64 notes it have. This Yamaha […]

Yamaha P95B Digital Piano Review

If youve been interested in taking up piano, or looking for a reliable digital piano to practice on, the Yamaha P95B Digital Piano is one of the most popular choices around. As you probably already know, Yamaha is known around the world for a variety of products, but they are especially well-known for their musical […]