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Difference between Piano and Keyboard and acoustic piano?

Here we will discuss the what is the basic difference between digital piano and keyboard. Should You buy a keyboard or a digital piano or an acoustic piano. Here we will start with the acoustic piano, this is the real piano. One beautiful thing about the acoustic or real piano is that you can see […]

Digital Pianos Vs. Upright Pianos Which one is better ?

Looking for a new piano and researching about the upright piano and digital piano. Here we will review which one is better for the particular requirement. Here Digital Piano have consistency while tuning and you can adjust the volume, you can connect the headphones for your practice. You can connect the digital piano with computer. […]

Roland RD-800 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

Here we will review a new Roland digital piano. Roland has the history of the RD pianos which means it is the excellent stage piano. This keyboard not only have the ivory feel but also evany feel as well. Sensitivity in this keyboard is so much improved as compare to the other versions. It has […]

William Allegro Digital Piano Under $300

Here we will reviews the William allegro digital piano with 88 keys and so many other features it have just under 300 dollars. It has the ¬†weighted hammer action which is quite impressive under the 300 bucks. It is quite amazing and probably best feeling keyboard. Feel of these keywords is just very nice. ¬†When […]