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Casio PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage Piano Review

Whether you play keyboards in a band or are just getting started on the piano, you need an instrument to practice or play gigs on. As you know, a standard player piano, or grand piano is almost impossible to get around from one place to another; let alone to install in your home. And since […]

Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano Review

Whether youre just starting out or have been playing piano for a while, youll love all of the authentic piano sounds and sensations that youll get when you play the Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano. Lots of keyboards and synthesizers promise to give you a real piano experience, but few have all of the high-end […]

Yamaha P95B Digital Piano Review

If youve been interested in taking up piano, or looking for a reliable digital piano to practice on, the Yamaha P95B Digital Piano is one of the most popular choices around. As you probably already know, Yamaha is known around the world for a variety of products, but they are especially well-known for their musical […]

Korg SP170BK 88-key Digital Slab Piano Review

When youre shopping around for a digital piano, you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the choices. After all, digital technology has come a long way in recent years, so its only natural that musical instrument manufacturers would capitalize on the availability of digital technology to make better, more realistic digital pianos. All of the […]