Digital Piano Buyers Guide

Playing the piano is a fun past-time that can yield major musical fruits for you or your children. If you have any dreams of being a musician, or for your children to develop musical talents, the piano is the logical choice.

Unfortunately, though, buying a full sized player or grand piano requires a lot of money and space in the home, that most of us simply dont have access to.

Thats where digital pianos become such a popular choice. You can find many affordable, space-saving digital piano that will allow you and your family to learn the time-honored tradition of playing piano on a modern, digital instrument.

Digital Piano Brands

Once you begin searching for the perfect digital piano, youll notice that a few manufacturers keep popping up consistently. Like any other product, there are respected, high quality digital piano makers and companies that youll want to avoid. Here are a few of the popular manufacturers that youll want to focus on in your search for the best digital pianos at the most affordable prices:

  • Yamaha
  • Casio
  • Korg

Each of these companies makes fine digital pianos, and you can count on their models to be superior in terms of craftsmanship and sound. While the aim of this article isnt to convince you that one company is better than all the others, it is to point you in the right direction for buying your digital piano.

By narrowing your search down to these few, trusted electric piano manufacturers, youre more likely to buy a digital piano that you are happy with and that will last you for many years to come.

Digital Piano ??? Keyboards

The keys of any type of piano, be it acoustic or digital, should be of top importance to you as you search for a digital piano. After all, the essence of playing the piano is all about hitting the keys, so you want to keep a few, key concerns in mind when you look at the keys on the digital pianos that you are considering for purchase.

Youll want to only get a digital piano that has weighted keys. The amount of weighting that each model has will vary, but it is essential to buy a model that has weighted keys, if youre serious about becoming a real piano player. You see, some electric or digital pianos have very lightweight keys, that feel nothing at all like a real piano.

These keys can be alright if you only ever play piano on that particular keyboard, but the minute you try to play a real piano, youll find it very difficult. Since real pianos have weighted keys, you may find it difficult, or impossible, to ever play one if you only ever practice on a digital piano with light, flimsy keys.

Digital Piano Effects

Some digital pianos are full-out synthesizers that offer you the ability to make sounds like a multitude of musical instruments, while others are a bit simpler in nature. While you should get a digital piano that offers you plenty of versatility, there are a few effects that youll want to be sure that your model possesses.

Be sure to get a digital piano that has reverb, chorus and sustain options, as these sounds closely mimic the pedals and effects that can be achieved on a real piano. If the model you are considering has more than these, that is fine, but make sure that it, at least, has these three effects to better serve you as you become more advanced as a piano player.

Youll love playing your digital piano, and if you keep these basic tips in mind while shopping for yours, then youre sure to find the best digital piano for your at-home musical journey.

Korg SP170 Digital Piano:

The Korg SP170BK 88-key Digital Slab Piano is a worthy contender for the best digital piano on the market. There is just so much technology packed into the Korg SP170BK 88-key Digital Slab Piano to make it sound and play just like the best traditional pianos.

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Yamaha P95B Digital Piano:

The Yamaha P95B Digital Piano is one of the best selling digital pianos on the market. Known for its realistic sound and keys it is easy to see why the Yamaha P95B Digital Piano is a firm favorite amongst pianists throughout the world

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Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano:

The Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano has built in some solid technology to make this keyboard feel like you’re playing the best grand piano. Casio has built in sensitive, hammer action into every key on the Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano, so you’ll feel like you’re striking real piano keys..